Farm Economy: Issues and Impacts

October 22, 2019

National Press Club, Washington DC

National Press Club, 529 14th Street NW, Washington, D.C.

This Forum delved into what’s happening with the farm economy.

Panelists and participants discussed:

  • Where things stand currently
  • What’s causing some of the changes we are seeing and
  • Whether this is the new normal for U.S. farmers.

Speakers included:

  • John Newton, Ph.D., chief economist of the American Farm Bureau Federation View Presentation
  • Seth Meyer, Ph.D., associate director and research professor, Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, University of Missouri View presentation
  • Keith Coble, Ph.D., professor and head, Department of Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University View presentation

Additional readings:

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City: Farm Lending Slows but Remains High, by Seth Meyer
American Farm Bureau Federation: Is Farm Income Really Up? by John Newton
American Farm Bureau Federation: Reviewing 2019 County-Level Cash Rents, by John Newton

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