Solving the Barriers to Agricultural Carbon Markets

April 12, 2022

Via Zoom

Solving the Barriers to Agricultural Carbon Markets covered what still needs to be done to advance carbon markets. Providing an objective look at carbon markets from an economic and legal perspective, topics discussed included what pitfalls persist, what opportunities are available for farmers, and where both the science and market trends are currently headed. The Forum took place via Zoom on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, at 9:00 am CT.

Watch the Recorded Forum

Slide deck: Solving the Barriers to Agricultural Carbon Markets

Garth Boyd, Ph.D.
Partner, The Context Network

Dr. Alejandro Plastina
Economics Associate Professor/Extension Economist, Iowa State University

Kristine Tidgren
Director, Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation, Iowa State University

Shelby Myers
Economist, American Farm Bureau Federation

Farmers, ranchers, government officials and staff, industry representatives, food and agribusiness leaders, NGO representatives, academics, researchers, students in agricultural disciplines and members of the media are all encouraged to watch the recording


Additional Resources

Dr. Plastina recommends the below as additional resources on the topic of carbon markets.

How to Grow and Sell Carbon Credits in US Agriculture

What’s in Store for Voluntary Agricultural Carbon Markets? 

Carbon Science for Carbon Markets: Emerging Opportunities in Iowa (

Wongpiyabovorn, OranuchPlastina, Alejandro, and Crespi, John M.2022. Challenges to voluntary Ag carbon markets.” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 1– 14



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