Water Rights and Policy in Agriculture Today

April 25, 2023

Via Zoom

As population centers grow and drive competition for water resources, as changing rainfall patterns alter where, when, and how much water is available, and as modern demands interplay with many-decades-old water laws and regulations, water rights and policies are top of mind for many farmers and ranchers today. This Forum discussed some of the current factors in this complex and ongoing conversation.

This Forum took place via Zoom on Tuesday, April 25, at 11 am CT.

Forum Recording


Presentation Slides

Richard Morrison
Manager, RNM Enterprises
Round Table Honorary Life Fellow

Matt Moreland
Partner, Moreland Farms
Round Table Fellow

Sarah Porter
Director, Kyl Center for Water Policy
Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy

A. Dan Tarlock
University Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Professor of Law Emeritus
Chicago-Kent College of Law

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