Michelle Klieger

Michelle Klieger is the president of Stratagerm Consulting, a food and agricultural consulting firm. An economist and a business strategist, she works with the global seed industry, ag tech companies, conventional and non-conventional agriculture firms, and philanthropic foundations. Taking her around the world, her work helps industry leaders manage and grow their global businesses.

She helps clients find, access, and leverage funding and financing to support their vision of a more economically and environmentally sustainable system. Her work includes researching and understanding the underlying constraints, developing alternatives, and evaluating the economic impact of those changes.

Michelle’s passion for supporting small and medium sized producers and agribusinesses led to the creation of her podcast, The Grower & The Economist, which provides listeners with relevant and practical economic and business advice. She is the author of The Demise of Free Trade, and a professor of economics at Bentley University. She holds a Master of Science in Agriculture Economics from Purdue University and an MBA from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.