Sarah Klopatek

Dr. Sarah Klopatek currently serves as the chief livestock scientist with dual appointments on the North American and global sustainability teams at JBS. Specifically, Sarah works on livestock sustainability research, regenerative agriculture initiatives, life cycle assessment development, net zero initiatives, and animal welfare. Species expertise includes beef, pork and poultry.

Prior to working at JBS, Sarah was a postdoctoral research fellow at University of California, Davis, working in beef cattle system dynamics and livestock sustainability. During this time Sarah determined beef cattle’s water intensity in the United States decreased by 38 percent over a 28-year period.

During her graduate career Sarah completed numerous beef cattle research projects including a sustainability assessment of four grass-fed and grain-fed beef systems, multiple beef cattle life cycle assessments, a national beef sustainability and BQA survey, and multiple meat science projects. In addition, Sarah was heavily involved in teaching and extension.

As an associate instructor she developed and implemented an upper division beef systems course at UC Davis and was the advisor to the Young Cattlemen’s Association. Over the course of Sarah’s graduate and postdoctoral career Sarah earned numerous awards and fellowships including the National Cattlemen’s Foundation WD Farr Scholarship, the Council of Agriculture and Science Technology Fellowship, the James Beard Fellowship, and the American Society of Animal Scientists Young Scholar Award.