Asad Ismail

Asad Ismail founded IMEX Organics in 2019, specializing in importing and exporting organic fresh fruits and vegetables globally. Passionate about organic farming and education, and utilizing unique farming methods such as vertical farming for high-quality, year-round produce, he is committed to providing healthy food while preserving the environment. 

Asad graduated from the University of Jordan with a degree in Telecom Electrical Engineering. He worked as an electrical telecom engineer for almost 13 years across multiple sectors including engineering, telecom, electrical, construction, and geo technical.

Driven by a lifelong passion for farming and animals, cultivated from childhood experiences in various agricultural settings including greenhouses and open fields, Asad established and managed his first project in 2014: a 250-greenhouse farm in the Jordan Valley, which provided gaining extensive hands-on experience in farm management and production.