2002 Farm Bill Education Conference

The 2002 Farm Bill Education Conference was the first response of a new initiative within the National Public Policy Education Committee to disseminate time-sensitive policy issues by holding flashpoint meetings and conferences. It was organized by Bradley D. Lubben of Kansas State University; James L. Novak of Auburn University; and Joe L. Outlaw of Texas A&M University.

The conference was sponsored by Farm Foundation and took place only seven days after the president signed the new farm bill.

More than 60 extension educators from across the United States received training on the various titles of the 2002 farm bill. Each participant received a notebook of presentation materials for note taking and a CD-ROM containing copies of each presentation for use in their own state programming.

Session I: Commodity Programs for Covered Commodities

Marketing Loans, Direct Payments, and Counter-cyclical Payments
Presented by Jim Novak, Auburn University

Program Acreage Base and Yield Decisions
Presented by Brad Lubben, Kansas State University

Payment Limitations
Presented by Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M University

Session II: Other Commodity Programs

Dairy Program
Presented by Mark Stephenson, Cornell University  
Peanut Program
Presented by Nathan Smith, University of Georgia
Wool, Mohair, and Other Programs
Presented by David Anderson, Texas A&M University

Session III: Other Farm Bill Programs and Decision-making Tools

Rural Development Programs
Presented by Tom Johnson, University of Missouri

Risk Management and Other Programs
Presented by Jim Novak, Auburn University

Session IV: Conservation Programs
Conservation Security Program
Presented by Mike Duffy, Iowa State University

Conservation Reserve Program and Grassland Reserve Program

Presented by James Johnson, Montana State University

Environmental Quality Incentives Program and Other Programs
Presented by Andy Seidl, Colorado State University

Session V: Trade Program and Policies and Economic Analysis

Trade Programs and Policies
Presented by Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M University

Farm Income, Government Costs, and WTO Commitments

Presented by Gary Adams, Food and Agricultural Research Institute, University of Missouri

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