Free Trade Agreement of the Americas & Caribbean Agriculture

Farm Foundation helped sponsor a symposium on the potential impacts of the proposed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA). This symposium was part of the West Indies Agricultural Economics Conference July 9-13, 2002, in Grenada. Symposium organizers prepared a  summary of the five papers.

Dale Colyer, West Virginia University: Environmental Issues in the FTAA

Curtis M. Jolly and Abdul Kudos, both of Auburn University, and Ellen Kelbede of Tuskegee University:The Effects of the FTAA on the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States

Won W. Koo and Jeremy Mattson, North Dakota State University:Western Hemisphere Countries and the Effects of the Free Trade Area of the Americas

Edmund M. Tavernier, Rutgers University: Contribution of Regional Trading Arrangements to Economic Convergence

Alison Keefe and Curtis M. Jolly, Auburn University: Potential Effects of FTAA on US/CARICOM Fish Trade

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