Trade Analyses

Economic and legal analyses of key trade topics to provide stakeholders with diverse perspectives on potential outcomes and consequences of trade actions.

The Future of Food and Agricultural Trade with China
By Amanda Countryman, Ph.D., Colorado State University, August 2020

Early Effects of COVID-19 on North American Agricultural Trade
By Bill Bryant and Hans Stroo, Bryant Christie, Inc., July 2020

Examining the U.S. Corn and Soybean Basis at Harvest
By Carl Zulauf, Ph.D., Ohio State University, May 2019

How Differing Trade Policies May Impact U.S. Agriculture: The Potential Economic Impacts of TPP, USMCA and NAFTA
By Maksym Chepeliev, Wallace E. Tyner and Dominque van der Mensbrugghe, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University, March 2019.

The CPTPP and Benefits to Canadian Agriculture
By Don Buckingham, Ph.D., and Al Mussell, Canadian Agri-Food Policy Institute, March 2019

The Importance of Trade to the U.S. Economy–With A Special Emphasis on Agriculture
By Robert Young, Ph.D., January 2019

How U.S. Agriculture Will Fare Under the USMCA and Retaliatory Tariffs
Commissioned by Farm Foundation, this analysis was completed by Purdue University agricultural economists Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, Ph.D., Wallace Tyner, Ph.D., and Maksym Chepeliev, Ph.D. October 2018

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