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Energy from Agriculture : New Technologies, Innovations, Success Stories

The Energy from Agriculture Conference, Dec.14-15, 2005, in St. Louis, featured sound economic research findings and first-hand energy production experiences. Conference presentations and papers are posted for review. An  executive summary has also been prepared.


Presented by Farm Foundation and USDA’s Office of Energy Policy and New Uses, this conference provided farmers and ranchers, rural community leaders, energy executives and state and regional government officials with practical, science-based information on agriculture’s role in energy production.
USDA's Office of Rural Development and Natural Resources Conservation Service also helped sponsor this event.

Agriculture’s role in energy production is garnering increased attention as consumers, business leaders and government leaders struggle with crude oil over $60 a barrel, gasoline prices climbing toward the $3 mark and implementation of the new Energy Policy Act of 2005.  This conference provided a comprehensive picture of the current knowledge on the economics of energy production from agriculture. 

This conference updated and expanded work presented at the 2004 conference, Agriculture As A Consumer and Producer of Energy, a summary of which is posted on this Web site.

For more information, contact:
Steve Halbrook, Farm Foundation, (630) 571-9393.






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