Emerging Research on Agricultural Policy and Diverse Farms and Farmers

Increasing our understanding of underrepresented and socially disadvantaged, beginner, limited resource, and diverse farms and farmers as well as their engagement under agricultural, trade and food programs is important for understanding and measuring equitable growth in agriculture.

Workshops, Seminars, and Other Related Outputs

Agricultural Policy, Economics, and Diverse Farms and Farmers Virtual Conference, was a two-day virtual event on Tuesday, March 5th, and Wednesday, March 6th, 2024, focused on diversity and agricultural policy.



The understanding about issues surrounding equity and inclusion in agricultural programs is currently limited. This includes how different farmer characteristics interact with agricultural policy to shape producer enrollment and participation in government programs, the allocation of resources for producer support, program access and eligibility, as well as evaluation and reform.

Through a mix of panel discussions and paper presentations, the goal of this conference was to:

-Expand on the existing knowledge base of how diversity in U.S. agriculture, both of farmers and farm operations, interacts with agricultural policy

-Initiate discussion on farmer equity and inclusion in U.S. agricultural policy

-To better understand data available to explore these linkages, as well as identify data gaps

-Foster networks of researchers, policymakers, and industry professionals working on these issues

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