Farm Foundation 2023 Impact Report Available

Farm Foundation leverages the power of collaboration between food and agricultural stakeholders to advance agriculture in positive ways. Our unique approach combines the trust and reliability of a “think tank” with the impact and urgency of a “do tank.” As we complete our 90th anniversary year, we are launching our inaugural impact report highlighting a few metrics and impact stories from 2023 along with highlights from our 90 years.

As we wrap up our 90th year, we are casting our vision for the impact we want to have by our 100th anniversary. We are experiencing a time of energy, growth and momentum and hope that as you have reviewed this impact report, you might be inspired to join us!

Farm Foundation’s vision is to build a future for farmers, our communities, and our world. Our mission is to build trust and understanding at the intersection of agriculture and society. As a
501 (c)(3), non-profit, non-partisan organization, we accelerate practical solutions for agriculture using three key levers: education, policy, and innovation. We do this by bringing together diverse leaders and organizations to increase understanding, trust, and action.

Accelerating people and ideas is at the heart of our theory of change. People are the change agents and they are fueled by powerful ideas supported by a rich and passionate community. As you have seen throughout this impact report, the people involved in our programs create a rich, lifelong community for
engagement, support, and collaboration. A core part of our impact is through affecting people,
adding to their network, understanding, and opportunities.

Looking at the next ten years, we anticipate continuing to grow our impact. It can be hard to pinpoint the future, but here is some of what we anticipate to achieve in the years to come:

  • Upon the completion of the Innovation and Education Center, we expect this dynamic cutting-edge space for collaboration will inspire new projects and programs, such as our AG 101 Bootcamps.
  • Our people programs are at the core of who we are and what we do, so we will keep investing in the people leading our food and agriculture sector.
  • We look forward to increasingly robust partnerships with agricultural organizations around the world as we seek to find actionable solutions to our shared challenges and collaborate on mutual opportunities.

We hope that you will come to us with your ideas and questions, and will see Farm Foundation as a trusted colleague as we all pursue an ever brighter future for agriculture.

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