New Resources for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers are Now Available

In November of 2020, Farm Foundation partnered with the USDA’s Economic Research Service to host a virtual conference which offered a deep dive into research on the critical issues that face beginning farmers and ranchers. That endeavor inspired a series of subsequent outputs, including the recently published special issue of the Agriculture Finance Review titled: Entry, Exit and Growth of Beginning Farmers and Ranchers.

The journal issue covers a variety of topics that can help young farmers and ranchers, as well as those who serve them. They include:

  • Credit constraints, survival, and growth
  • Land tenure and profitability
  • Management and ownership transfer in small and medium family farms
  • The landowner role in land access
  • Exploring the adoption of technologies among the specialty crops industry
  • The profitability implication of sales through local food markets
  • Factors that affect entry and exit

Farm Foundation is proud to support the seminal research which inspired this issue as part of our mission to leverage the power of collaboration between food and agricultural stakeholders to advance agriculture in positive ways. The original conference content that contributed to the journal content is freely available on the Farm Foundation archive.

More resources for new farmers are also available on the USDA website.

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