Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

The Beginning Farmers and Ranchers project is a joint effort of Farm Foundation, USDA and the USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) to examine issues that either hinder or facilitate the entry of beginning farmers and ranchers into the agricultural sector, as well as the factors that lead to their success or failure.

Emerging Research on Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Conference, November 9-10, 2020

The Emerging Research on Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Conference brought cutting-edge research on issues facing beginning farmers and ranchers to the forefront of discussion in agriculture. Researchers in academia and government, practitioners, policy experts, farmers and ranchers took part in the sessions, which featured paper presentations on research topics such as credit and access to capital, land access, innovation, alternative markets and more. Presentations highlighted successful programs, innovative ideas and future solutions—all with a dedicated focus on economic research into the challenges and opportunities experienced by new agriculture professionals.

Conference slide decks, recordings and other resources can be accessed here.

Thank you to the Economic Research Service for their support of this important project.

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