Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

Farm Foundation held two conferences in 2020 in an effort to support beginning farmers and ranchers and the industry professionals who serve them.

Emerging Research on Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Conference, November 9-10, 2020

This joint effort between Farm Foundation, USDA and the USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) set out to examine issues that hinder or facilitate the entry of beginning farmers and ranchers into the agricultural sector, as well as the factors that lead to their success or failure. The Emerging Research on Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Conference brought cutting-edge research on issues facing beginning farmers and ranchers to the forefront of discussion in agriculture. Researchers in academia and government, practitioners, policy experts, farmers and ranchers took part in the sessions, which featured paper presentations on research topics such as credit and access to capital, land access, innovation, alternative markets and more. Presentations highlighted successful programs, innovative ideas and future solutions—all with a dedicated focus on economic research into the challenges and opportunities experienced by new agriculture professionals.

Conference slide decks, recordings and other resources can be accessed here.

Training for Success: Resources and Tools for Working with Beginning Farmers and Ranchers, December 10-11, 2020

In partnership with Farm Credit Council, Farm Foundation hosted a conference to bring together organizations and practitioners to showcase resources, tools and success stories for supporting beginning farmers and ranchers. Sessions included Recognizing the Range of Financial Skills Training Methods; Creating Training Communities; New Tools for Practitioners; Entrance Strategy Success Stories; and Supporting Generational Transfers

Conference recordings are available here.

Conference Proceedings Published in Agriculture Finance Review

Agricultural Finance Review, Volume 82, Issue 3 includes research and resources that can help young farmers and ranchers, as well as the industry professionals who support them. Framed by a guest editorial from Jeffery W. Hopkins, chief of USDA’s ERS Farm Economy Branch, research topics covered include:

  • Credit constraints, survival and growth
  • Land tenure and profitability
  • Management and ownership transfer in small and medium family farms
  • The landowner role in land access
  • Exploring the adoption of technologies among the specialty crops industry
  • The profitability implication of sales through local food markets
  • Factors that affect entry and exit

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