2011 Farm Foundation Forums

January 1, 2011

Washington D.C.


2011  Forums

Speakers for each Forum are listed along with a link to their presentation if it is available. Also provided is a link to the audio file of each Forum.

Nov. 9, 2011 Conservation Options for Future Farm Policy
James Andrew, Iowa farmer
David DeGennaro, Environmental Working Group
Bruce Knight, Strategic Conservation Solutions
Ronnie Lee, Georgia farmer
Patrick O’Toole, Wyoming rancher


Oct. 11, 2011 The Future Role of the Federal Government in Agricultural Risk Management
 Carl Zulauf, Ohio State University
Iowa farmer  Ann Jorgensen
North Dakota farmer  Clair Hauge
Texas farmer Jimmy Dodson


Sept. 13, 2011 Data Collection on Agriculture in a Time of Fiscal Constraints
 John Hays, Farm Credit Council
Scott Irwin, University of Illinois
Tom Wegner, Land O’Lakes
Robert Young of the American Farm Bureau Federation


July 19, 2011 New Farm Foundation, NFP report: What’s Driving Food Prices in 2011?
Presenters were the three authors of the report: Philip Abbott, Christopher Hurt and Wallace Tyner, all professors in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University.  PowerPoint Presentation

June 14, 2011 Rural Development in a Time of Fiscal Constraints
 Bo Beaulieu of the Southern Regional Development Center, representing the Regional Rural Development Centers
Donald Larson, Brookings County, S.D., representing the National Association of Counties
Chuck Hassebrook, Center for Rural Affairs
Eddie Browning of the Arizona Rural Development Council, and
Matthew Chase of the National Association of Development Organizations.

April 12, 2011 The Future of the Land Grant System
Nicole Ballenger, University of Wyoming
George Norton, Virginia Tech
Dan Dooley, University of California


March 15, 2011 Issues in the Future Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnology
 Max Rothschild, Iowa State University
 David Ervin, Portland State University
Curtis Hannah, University of Florida


Feb. 15, 2011 Agriculture as a Provider of Environmental Services
Curt Watson, Minnesota farmer
Sarah Lynch, World Wildlife Fund
A.G. Kawamura, Orange County Produce and Solutions for the Land
Rick Knight, Colorado State University

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