Meet the Fellows

Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Economics Trade Fellows

These outstanding early-career agricultural economists joined our team for one year as our Agricultural Economics Fellow or Agricultural Economics Trade Fellow. These programs provide post-Ph.D. agricultural economists with a unique yearlong opportunity to be mentored and mentor, provide thought leadership through publications and speaking appearances, expand their network, manage high-visibility projects, and elevate their stature and reputation in the food and agricultural sectors.

Agricultural Economics Fellows

Plastina, Alejandro_square

Dr. Alejandro Plastina
2021 Agricultural Economics Fellow

Dr. Alejandro Plastina, Associate Professor/Extension Economist in the Department of Economics at Iowa State University, was Farm Foundation’s first Agricultural Economics Fellow. Dr. Plastina’s area of specialization is agricultural production and technology, with an emphasis on farm business and financial management. At the time, his recent publications addressed the economics of conservation practices such as cover crops and subfield land-use change from corn-soybean rotations into switchgrass, as well as agricultural productivity analyses.

Plastina also received the ISU Office of the President Excellence in Remote Instruction Award in 2021; the ISU Extension and Outreach Creativity in Service to All Iowans Award in 2020; the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association Distinguished Extension Program Award in 2019; the ISU ANR Programming Innovation Award in 2018; and the ISU Extension and Outreach Impacting Iowa Award in 2014. He holds a Master of Science in Statistics and a doctorate in Agricultural Economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


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