Second Decade of Crop Biotechnology, 2008

A Farm Foundation Conference
January 16-17, 2008
Washington, D.C.

How the experiences of the first decade of crop biotechnology will shape the future of food systems, environmental issues and public policies was the subject of a Farm Foundation conference Jan. 16-17, 2008, in Washington, D.C.  Presentations from the conference are posted below. A Farm Foundation Issue Report is available.

The conference brought together representatives of production agriculture, the crop input industry, environmentalist, consumer groups, government agencies and academia to examine public policy, business and social issues generated by the evolution of crop biotechnology in the food system. Conference sessions addressed biotechnology in the food system in the areas of crop production, food safety, private and public investments, biodiversity and the environmental, biofuels and global food issues.

Participants examined how the experiences of biotechnology in the food system to date will influence business strategies, public policies, and environmental and social issues in the next decade.  Areas where future research is needed were also identified.

Conference sponsors included: Jeanne M. Sullivan; USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Biotechnology Regulatory Services; USDA Economic Research Service; USDA Agricultural Research Service; Monsanto Company; BASF Plant Science; J.R. Simplot Company Agribusiness Group; Athenix Corporation; Bayer CropScience AG;
and BioTech Decisions Inc.

Program presentations

Wednesday, January 16
Biotechnology & Crop Production Agriculture–Background on Sector Impacts
Adoption, Impact & Future Prospects of GM/Biotech Crops
Clive James, International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications

Impact of Adoption of Genentically Engineered Crops on Yields, Pesticide Use &
Economic Returns in the United States
Jorge Fernandez-Cornejo, USDA Economic Research Service

New Product Opportunities
Eric Sachs, Monsanto Company

Biotechnology, Food Safety, Regulation & Stewardship
Transgenic Crop Regulation: Current & Future Challenges
John Turner, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS),
Biotechnology Regulatory Services

APHIS Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement: Implications for Crop
Biotechnology Regulation
Nancy Bryson, Venable LLP

Stewardship in the Crop Biotechnology Industry
Mike Phillips, BIO, retired

Regulatory Developments in Europe
Canice Nolan, European Commission Delegation to the United States

Luncheon Address
Crop Biotechnology Going Forward
James Webster, Webster Communications Corp.

Public & Public-Private Investment in Biotechnology
Private Investments in Biotechnology
Jorg Riesmeier, LSP BioVentures

Trends Impacting Financing & Innovation in Ag Biotech
David McElroy, Targeted Growth, Inc.

Public-Private Investments in Crop Biotechnology for the Developing World
Larry Beach, USAID

Public-Private Partnership in Crop Biotechnology: The Case of Genetically
Engineered Eggplant in India
Deepthi Kolady, Cornell University

Issues & Innovations in Intellectual Property in Crop Biotechnology
Patent Protection for Plants
Murray Spruill, Alston and Bird

Public Goods & University-Industry Relationships in Agricultural Biotechnology
David Ervin, Portland State University

Open Source in Crop Biotechnology
Brian Wright, University of California

Intellectual Property Issues in Developing Countries
Greg Graff, Colorado State University

Keynote address
Lesson from Transgenes Out-of-Place – Environmental & Other Implications
Norm Ellstrand, University of California

Thursday, January 17
Regional Food/Trade Issues & Biotechnology
North American Consumer Buying Considerations
Don Goodwin, Golden Sun Marketing

Food & Trade Issues in Europe
Patrick Rüdelsheim, PERSEUS bvba

Sustaining & Expanding Global Trade – Challenges & Opportunities in Crop Biotech Regulation &
Paul Green, North American Export Grain Association

Developments Needed to Bring Agricultral Biotechnology to Africa
Gregory Jaffe, Center for Science in the Public Interest

Consumer Acceptance of Biotech Foods in China
Frances Tuan, USDA Economic Research Service

Biofuels & Biotechnology
Principles for Bioenergy Development & the Role of Biofuels in Reducing Heat-Trapping Emissions
Eli Hopson, Union of Concerned Scientists

Application of Biotechnology to Traditional Crops for Biofuels
Alex Fink, Pioneer Hi-Bred International

Biotechnology in Forestry – Biofuels
Randy Johnson, USDA Forest Service

Plant Biotechnology & Cellulosic Ethanol
Neal Gutterson, Mendel Biotechnology

Biotechnology Going Forward
Ann Bublitz, Farm Foundation Fellow, BioTech Decisions



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