Young Farmer Accelerator Program

What is the Farm Foundation Young Farmer Accelerator Program?

This program seeks to actively engage farmers from 21-40 years old in a year-long series of interactive  learning and networking experiences, focused on gaining a deeper understanding of a wide variety of agriculture, agribusiness, and government issues. The program also hopes to help young farmers build a strong, enduring network of peers and agribusiness and government contacts.   Up to 10 participants will be sponsored to attend events, engage in virtual conversations, and participate in exclusive learning opportunities. 

What will the Young Farmers do?

– Develop working relationships with peers and a senior agribusiness/farmer mentor.

 – Attend one of two Farm Foundation Round Table meetings (in January or June), including the local food and agriculture tours during the meetings.  The Farm Foundation Round Table is an invitational discussion group that brings together leaders from across geographic, regional and value-chain sectors to explore issues that will impact the entire food and agriculture sectors.

– Participate in at least 3 of 7 Farm Foundation Forums via audiocast. Farm Foundation Forums are public forums, where presenters and participants examine and discuss current policies, issues and opportunities for food and agriculture.  

– Spend three days at a retreat (likely in February) with learning from senior executives in the USDA, Congress, agribusinesses, commodity trade associations, and our Young Agri-Food Leaders participants.

To be eligible for this program, young farmers must be a U.S. citizen, between the ages of 21 and 40, and actively involved in farming as a career.  Young farmers from around the US with careers and backgrounds in all types of farming will be selected in order to assemble a cohort that looks like American farming today.  Anyone who knows the Young Farmer can nominate them for this program, such as co-workers, community leaders, etc.

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