2019 Round Table meetings

 January 16-18, 2019 – San Mateo, CA
Innovation in Food and Agriculture

Welcome Session:  Start-Ups Bringing Innovation to Agriculture
Jim Borel, DuPont (retired), Moderator
John Dombrosky, AgTech Accelerator
Brook Porter, Green Growth Venture Fund (G2VP)
Rob Trice, Better Food Ventures & The Mixing Bowl

Opening Keynote:  Finding and Funding Innovation in Agriculture
Constance Cullman, Farm Foundation, Moderator
Rob-Leclerc, AgFunder

Session One:  A Look at New Plant and Soil Technologies
Michael Parrish, Bayer, Moderator
David Perry, Indigo
Spencer Maughan, Hi Fidelity Genetics
Jenny Du, Apeel Sciences

Session Two:  A Look at New Animal and Protein Technologies
John Foltz, Ohio State University, Moderator
Mitch Abrahamsen, Recombinetics
Eric Schulze, Memphis Meats
David Faber, TransOva Genetics

Session Three:  A Look at New Equipment and Data Technologies
Luke Chandler, Deere & Company
Luccas Joppa, Microsoft
Julie DiNatalie, Granular
Charles Baron, Farmers Business Network

Session Four:  A Look at Regulating New Technologies
Karen Carr, Arent Fox LLP, Moderator
Adrianne Massey, Biotechnology Industry Organization (retired)
Henry-Miller, Pacific Research Institute

Closing Keynote:  Consumer Acceptance of New Technologies
Constance Cullman, Farm Foundation
Rohit Shukla, Larta Institute

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Here are articles and reports related to innovation in food and agriculture.

June 5-7, 2019  Lincoln, NE
Human Capital in Food and Agriculture

Opening Keynote:  Our Agricultural Workforce
Michael Johanns, Former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Session One:  Educating and Training our Youth
Mark Poeschl, National FFA Organization
Sheila Fowler, Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
Ronda Hamm, Corteva Agriscience
Abby Durheim, National 4-H Council/University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Kooper Jelinek, Nebraska FFA Association

Session Two:  Higher Education’s Approach to Educating and Training
Cathann Cress, Ohio State University
Mark Stewart, Agriculture Future of America
Brandon Hudson, Tennessee College of Applied Technology
Evan Callicoat, Ohio State University
Adam Striegel, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Session Three:  Examining the Quantity and Affordability of Labor
Chuck Conner, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives
Larry Wooten, North Carolina Farm Bureau
Leon Sequeria, U.S.A. Farmers

Session Four:  Does the Sector Need Labor?
Senthold Asseng, University of Florida
Kyler Laird, Lairdscape
Kyle Hill, Southern Hill Farms

Closing Keynote:  Preparing for the Future
Ronnie Green, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Related reading:
Census shows labor need, ag leader says, Capital Press, April 18, 2019.
Florida strawberry farmers using robots to pick fruit, control mildew, UPI, April 18, 2019.
Trends in U.S. Farm Labor and H-2A Hired Labor: Policy and Related Issues, Choices Magazine, First Quarter 2019.