2004 National Public Policy Education Conference

Millennium Hotel, St. Louis, Mo.
Sept. 19-22, 2004

Extension educators and other professionals who work on public policy issues sharpen their skills in five topic areas at the 2004 National Public Policy Education Conference. Topics featured at the conference were:

  • Community-based food systems
  • Competition for water
  • Distributional equity of farm programs
  • Rural health systems
  • Agricultural trade
  • Rural entrepreneurship and economic development

This conference is designed for Extension educators and other professional who work with citizens and stakeholder groups on issues related to agriculture, the food system and rural communities. Experts explain all facets of the issues and provide participants materials they can use in public education programs.

Conference proceedings are posted on AgEcon Search.

Dealing with Controversial Public Issues at Land Grant Institutions Canons of Practice-The Washington State University Experience: Ronald C. Faas Washington State University

Guidelines for Public Issues Education at Land Grant Institutions: Steve Smutko, North Carolina State University

Rural Entrepreneurship & Economic Development Changing Economic Development Environment: Chuck Fluarty, Rural Policy Research Institute

Rural Entrepreneurship Policy: Don Macke, Center for Rural Entrepreneurship

What We Know About Rural Entrepreneurs & Entrepreneurship: Jay Kayne, Miami University

Educational Material for Rural Entrepreneurship:
Vicki Rightmyre, University of Missouri
Jason Henderson, Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank
Erick Scorscone, University of Kentucky

Challenges in Health Care Systems Health Care Access in Rural and Urban Areas: Tim McBride, Saint Louis University

Economic Impacts of the Health Care Industry on Communities:  Gerald Doeksen, Oklahoma State University

Putting the Family Perspective into Rural Health Care: Roberta Riportella-Muller, University of Wisconsin

Assessing the Equitability of Farm Program Benefits Historic Perspectives on Distribution of Support: Jim Pease, Virginia Tech

Alternative Methods for Determining Equitable Distribution of Benefits: James Richardson,  Texas A&M University

Ag Committee Staff Perspectives on Equity in Benefits: Craig Jagger, Staff Economist, House Committee on Agriculture

Wrap-up: Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M

Community Agriculture & Food Systems: Integrating Farm, Food and Family Policy Overview: Pat Norris, Michigan State University

Integrating Local and Global Food Systems: Michael Hamm, Michigan State University

Community Food Systems and Federal Agricultural Policy: David Schweikhardt, Michigan State University

The Hartford System-A State Food Policy Initiative: Mark Winne, The Hartford Food System

Panel of Extension Educators:
Jim Bardenhagen, Leelanau County (Michigan) Extension
Audrey Maretzki, Pennsylvania State University
Steve Garrett, Tacoma, Wash.

Competing for Water: Policy Development, Collaboration & Cooperative Compliance of Existing Regulations Michael J. Gaffney, Washington State University

Janie Simms Hipp, University of Arkansas

Jim Kundell, University of Georgia

New Trade Agreements: Issues & Implications Overview of Trade Negotiations and Issues:  Par Rosson, Texas A&M University

Australia & CAFTA Impacts:  Mickey Paggi, California State University

Implications for U.S. Sugar:  Lynn Kennedy, Louisiana State University

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