2003 National Public Policy Education Conference

The 2003 National Public Policy Education Conference (NPPEC) was Sept. 21-23 in Salt Lake City. Public policy issues featured were:
* Biotechnology and the Food System;
* Impacts of an Aging Population on Rural Communities;
* Payment Limits and Other Agricultural Policy Issues;
* Growth and Sprawl: Information, Tools and Approaches for Extension Educators; and
* America’s Bioenergy Potential: Options and Consequences for U.S. Agriculture.

Conference proceedings are available on AgEcon Search.

Biotechnology & Food Farm and Industry Issues,Michael Phillips, Biotechnology Industry Organization,  
Environmental and Consumer Issues, 
Michael Hansen, Consumer Policy Institute
Regulatory and Trade Issues, Nicholas Kalaitzandonakes, University of Missouri
Educating the Public—Models for Economic Research, Wallace Huffman, Iowa State University
Education the Public—Models for Public Deliberation, Mark Edelman, Iowa State University
Hildreth Lecture Barry Flinchbaugh, Kansas State University,
Impacts of an Aging Population Demographics of an Aging Population, Judy Warren, Texas A&M University
Creating Elder Friendly Communities, Creating Our Future Home
Nina Keller, Area Agency on Aging, Rio Grande, Ohio
Retirement and Succession Planning of Farm Households, Ashok Mishra, USDA’s Economic Research Service
Putting a Face on the Trends: Farm Widows, Sharon Price, University of Georgia (retired)
Farm Bill Issues: Payment Limits Historical Background, Ed Smith, Texas A&M University
Commission on Payment Limits, Keith Collins, Chief Economist, USDA
Sector Level Analysis of Alternative Payment Limits, Patrick Westhoff, University of Missouri, Food and Agriculture Policy Institute
Policy Education, Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M University
Growth and Sprawl: Approaches for the Extension Educator Issues and the Role of Extension Educators, Andy Seidl, Colorado State University
Growth Management Tools and Programs, Patricia Norris, Michigan State University
Review of Current Research, Stephan Goetz, Pennsylvania State University
Educational Resources for the Extension Educator, Stephan Goetz, Dave Mulkey and Henry Cothran, University of Florida
Hot Topic: Traceability, Assurance & Biosecurity in the Food System Crop Sector Issues, Eluned Jones, Texas A&M University
Livestock Sector Issues, DeeVon Bailey, Texas A&M University
National Animal Identification System, John Wiemers, USDA’s Animal Plant Health Inspection Service, National Animal Identification Coordinator
Taking the Information to the Field, David P. Anderson, Texas A&M University
America’s Bioenergy Potential The What and Why of Bioenergy, Phillip C. Badger, General Bioenergy Inc.
The Economics of Bioenergy, Daniel De La Torre Ugarte, University of Tennessee
Bioenergy Policy Options, James Duffield and Hosein Shapouri, Office of Energy Policy and New Uses, Office of the Chief Economist, USDA
Educating Stakeholders on Bioenergy Issues, Tom Johnson, University of Missouri

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