2006 National Public Policy Education Conference

Consequences of the 21st Century Food System
Sept. 17-20, 2006

Public policy issues related to the 21st Century Food System were the focus of Farm Foundation’s National Public Policy Education Conference, Sept. 17-20, 2006, in Fayetteville, Ark.  The conference, Consequences of the 21st Century Food System, included sessions on ethics, economic development, community impacts, immigration and labor, food safety, nutrition issues and federal agricultural policies.

Here are presentations from the 2006 conference.

Ethics and the 21st Century Food System
John Copeland, John Brown University

Changing Structure of Rural Business

An Overview of New Rural Economic Drivers
Mark Drabenstott, RUPRI Center for Regional Competitiveness, University of Missouri-Columbia

Impacts of Integrated Poultry and Hog Production/Processng: The Economic Story
Jim Pease, Virginia Tech
Additional Slides

Recruiting Big-Box Retailers as an Economic Development Strategy
Judy Stallmann, University of Missouri-Columbia

Hildreth Lecture
Public Policy Education: The Key to Civil Civic Engagement
 Lynn Harvey, Michigan State University

Panel on Community Issues
County Perspective
Ken Dahlstedt, Commissioner, Skagit County, Washington

Regional/State Perspective on Creating New Rural Development Opportunities
Otto Loewer, University of Arkansas

Local Perspective on Educational Challenges
Gary Ritter, University of Arkansas

Labor and Immigration Issues
Setting the stage
Walt Armbruster,Farm Foundation

Overview of Labor and Immigration Issues
Angela Schuerle

Family and Cultural Issues
Ruben Viramontez Anguiano, Bowling Green University

Resolving Conflicts Within the Rural and Agricultural Community
Micheal Thompson, Iowa Mediation Service

Food Policy, Health and Food Safety
Food Policy and Health
Janie Hipp, University of Arkansas

Food Safety, Animal Disease and Supply Chain Management in the European Union
Xavier Gellynck, University of Ghent

Agricultural Policy and 21st Century Food Systems
Agriculture Policy Education
Joe Outlaw, Texas A&M University

The Land Grant Investment in Public Policy Education
James Christenson, University of Arizona

Agricultural Policy Education – Inside the Beltway
Keith Collins, Chief Economist, USDA

Ethics and the 21 Century Food System — Concluding Comments
John Copeland, John Brown University

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