Agricultural & Food Policy Systems Workshop 2003

Farm Policy Developments and Policy Tensions Under NAFTA
Montreal, Quebec, Canada  2003



The ninth Agricultural & Food Policy System Information Workshop was March 23-26, 2003, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Farm Policy Development and Policy Tensions Under NAFTA Executive Summary. Ronald D. Knutson and Rene Ochoa, eds. Executive Summary of the Eighth Agricultural and Food Policy Systems Information Workshop. Oak Brook, IL: Farm Foundation, May 2003.

The workshop organizers wish to thank the Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canadian Agri-Food Trade Research Network (University of Guelph – University of Saskatchewan – Laval Universit?), Cargill, Ltd., Farm Foundation, Royal Bank of Canada, and the United States Department of Agriculture (Agricultural Marketing Service, Economic Research Service, Foreign Agricultural Service) for generously providing funding for this workshop and the dissemination of its proceedings.

Farm Policy Development and Policy Tensions under NAFTA Executive Summary

Policy Description by Country
U.S. Farm Policy, A Review
Neil Conklin
, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Canadian Agricultural Policy in a Global Context
Michael Keenan
, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Changes in Mexican Agricultural Policies, 2001-2003
Andres Rosenzweig
, Consultant
Policy Impacts and Baseline Comparison
Implications of the 2002 U.S. Farm Act for World Agriculture
John Kruse
, Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute  Paper      Presentation
Mexico Reaction: Policy, Politics and Agricultural Projections
George Dyer
, University of California-Davis Paper Presentation
Implications of the 2002 US Farm Act for World Agriculture: A Canadian’s Reaction
James Rude
, University of Manitoba Presentation
Perspectives on Impacts of the 2002 U.S. Farm Act
Paul Westcott
, U.S. Department of Agriculture  Paper    Presentation
Implications of Policy Changes for Trade Tensions and Disputes
WTO Compatibility of Agricultural Policy Changes in North America
Tim Josling
, Stanford University Paper Presentation
The Mexican Pork Sector: Moving Beyond 2003
Steven Zahniser
, U.S. Department of Agriculture Paper Presentation
Victor Ochoa, Carroll Farms – Mexico Paper Presentation
Policy Changes, Trade Tensions & Disputes: Focus on Grains & Pulses
Parr Rosson
, Texas A&M University Paper    Presentation
Terry Francl
, American Farm Bureau Federation
Blair Rutter, Agricore United   Presentation
Armando Paredes, National Agriculture Council – Mexico Paper
Country of Origin Labeling and Traceability
Country of Oirgin Labeling
Barry Carpenter
, U.S. Department of Agriculture Presentation
The Free-Traders Win the Debates but the Protectionists Win the Elections: The Curious Case of MCOOL in the U.S. 2002 Farm Bill
Bill Ker
r, University of Saskatchewan Paper Presentation
Traceability and Country of Origin Labeling
Jill Hobbs
, University of Saskatchewan
Marcel Hacault
, Manitoba Pork Council Presentation
Enrique Dominquez
, Mexican Pork Council Paper Presentation
Convergence, Harmonization, and Compatibility under NAFTA: A 2003 Status Report
Ron Knutson
, Texas A&M University Paper Presentation
Rene Ochoa
, Texas A&M University
Individual Government Reaction:
J.B. Penn
, U.S. Department of Agriculture Presentation
Tom Richardson
, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada
Jeffrey Max Jones, Senado de la Republica – Mexico
Guillermo Sanchez, FIRA – Bank of Mexico  Presentation
Alan States, First National Bank – Hays, Kansas Paper

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