Food Assistance Needs in the South

In 2002, the Southern Rural Development Center, with assistance from Farm Foundation, and USDA/Economic Research Service partnered together to examine food assistance needs in the South. Research results from the project are available below:

Food Insufficiency and the Use of Food Assistance Programs in the South, Carol L. Connell, Kathy Yadrick, Agnes Hinton, and Joseph Su, Number 1, July 2001 A web summary is available here.

Faith-Based Food Assistance in the Rural South, John P. Bartkowski and Helen A. Regis, Number 2, October 2001

Declining Food Stamp Program Participation: A Concern for the Rural South?, Bradford Mills, Jeffrey Alwang, Everett Peterson and Sundar Dorai-Raj, Number 3, December 2001

Do Food Stamps Without Education Improve the Nutrient Intake and Food-Related Behaviors of Recipients?, Katherine L. Cason, Ruby H. Cox, and Janie L. Burney, Number 4, March 2002


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