Transition to a Bioeconomy: The Role of Extension in Energy, 2009

Transition to a Bioeconomy:  The Role of Extension in Energy

The June 30-July 1, 2009, conference, Role of Extension in Energy, provided Extension educators with timely, practical information they can use in doing programming in their own state or locale.   This final conference in the Transition to a Bioeconomy series was at the Doubletree Hotel, Little Rock, Arkansas.

This conference was a collaboration of USDA’s Office of Energy Policy and New Uses, Farm Foundation, USDA’s Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service, and the University of Arkansas. A conference proceedings is available.

The conference program featured experts working in renewable energy, biofuels, energy efficiency and new energy technologies. Presenters include industry leaders, staff from USDA and the U.S. Department of Energy, and researchers working in energy efficiency, renewable energy and new energy technologies.

Each participant at the conference received an information toolkit of handouts and papers from conference presentations.  These materials were designed as aides Extension educators might use in programming in their respective locales.

Conference presentations are posted here:
Plenary Session 1: The Role of Extension in Energy
Chair: Neil Conklin, Farm Foundation

The Leadership Charge
John E. Ferrell, U.S. Department of Energy

Expectations for Extension
Duane Acker, 25 x ‘25

Extension, Energy and Public Policy
Charles Stenholm, Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Bode Matz PC

Plenary Session 2: Renewable Energy Technology Outlook
Wind:  Technology Trends, Costs & Contracts
Marguerite Kelly, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Geothermal Applications, Costs & Feasibility
Roy Mink, Mink Geohydro, Inc.

Solar Technology Trends & Costs
John Thornton, Thornton Solar Consulting, LLC, NREL Emeritus

Digester Technology Trends & Costs
Bill Lazarus, University of Minnesota

Biomass:  Producer Choices, Production Costs & Potential
Francis Epplin, Oklahoma State University

Extension Strategies Targeting Energy Conservation & Efficiency
Stanley Johnson, University of Nevada

Workshop I: Risk Management for Energy Investments
Establishing a Dedicated Energy Crop
Kenny Hamilton, Tennessee farmer

Biomass From a Plant Perspective
Kyle Althoff, DuPont Danisco

Agricultural Policy and Extension Recommendations
Jim Larson, University of Tennessee

Workshop II:  Making Energy Efficiency Choices
Extension Resource Efficiency Programs for Residential Housing
Pierce Jones, University of Florida

How State Energy Offices Can Work with Extension
David Sjoding, Washington State University

Energy Conservation and Great Lakes Agriculture
William Johnson, Alliant Energy

Tom Potter, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project

Workshop III:  Energy Crop Agronomics
BMPs for Establishing and Maintaining Perennial Energy Crops
Chuck West, University of Arkansas

Hybrid Energy Crop BMPs (Annuals)
Bill Rooney, Texas A&M University

Economics of Crop Residues
Daniel Petrolia, Mississippi State University

Workshop IV:  Forestry
Potential for a Sustainable Supply
Daniel De La Torre Ugarte, University of Tennessee

Technological Trends & Production Costs for Forestry Biomass
Matthew Pelkki, University of Arkansas

Coproducts and Byproducts of Biorefinery Processing
Eric Taylor, Texas A&M University

Workshop V: Harvest, Storage, and Logistics
Developing a Uniform-Format Feedstock Supply System
Chris Wright, Idaho National Lab

Logistics Challenges and Size Reduction
John Cundiff, Virginia Tech

Economics of the Supply Chain
Burton English, University of Tennessee

Workshop VI: eXtension and Other Delivery Methods
eXtension Overview, Purpose and Direction
Craig Wood, University of Kentucky

Farms as Producers and Consumers of Sustainable Ag Energy: Strategies for Improving Energy Efficiency
Sue Hawkins, University of Vermont

The Case of High Plains Wind Consortium
Cole Gustafson, North Dakota State University

Plenary Session 3: Anticipated Extension Program Needs
Green House Gas and Indirect Land Use
Wallace Tyner, Purdue University

Legal Issues with Bioeconomy Development
Harrison Pittman, University of Arkansas

Community Development Issues
Mark Edelman, Iowa State University

Plenary Session 4: Role of Extension in the Bioeconomy
Effectiveness of Extension Efforts on Energy
David Anderson, Texas A&M University

Extension Administration Perspective on Funding Energy Efforts
Tim Cross, University of Tennessee

Strengths, Weaknesses, Resources, Opportunities and Challenges
Dan Dooley, University of California


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