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Farm Foundation’s primary product is comprehensive, objective information on economic and public policy issues involving agriculture, food systems and rural communities. Through such activities as conferences, workshops and Farm Foundation® Forums, the Foundation works to bring a full range of stakeholders together to discuss evolving issues, explore options to address those issues and understand the potential consequences of those options.

The Dialogue for Food and Agriculture in the 21 Century is a major Foundation initiative designed to create opportunities for a full range of stakeholders to have civil conversation on the complex and diverse issues confronting food and agricultural systems.

Food demand is forecast to double by 2050. How this demand is to be met while protecting natural resources is one significant challenge. How this demand is to be met while protecting natural resources poses significant challenges. There are no simple or singular answers. The Dialogue Project is designed to promote the conversations needed to begin addressing those challenges today. Dialogue Project activities are opportunities to share perspectives, learn how others view the issues and identify the commonalities that may be the building blocks for solutions.

Dialogue Project activities are centered around four key areas:

  • Adaptability and Resilience of Food and Agricultural Systems
  • Goals and priorities of North American Agriculture
  • The Role of Science and Technology in Food and Agriculture
  • Human Capital Needs in Food and Agriculture


Ongoing projects include:

September 2018Challenges to Changing Antibiotic Use in Food Animal Production: Economics, Data and Policy
OngoingDialogue on Food and Agriculture in the 21st Century
OngoingThe Soil Renaissance: Knowledge to Sustain Earth's Most Valuable Asset
April 2018E-connectivity Listening Sessions
Economic Returns to Rural Infrastructure Investments
November 20172017 Farmer Cooperatives Conference
September 2017Research & Innovation Policies for Sustainable Productive Growth in Agriculture
Feb. 2-3, 2017Farm Size and Productivity: A Global Look
Revised Veterinary Feed Directive rule
November 20162016 Farmer Cooperatives Conference
June 2016Changing Dynamics in Farm Ownership and Agricultural Finance
March 2016Soil Health Economics: Measuring & Validating the Economic Benefits & Costs of Soil Health Practices
February 2016Incentives, Disincentives for Research & Development of New Antimicrobial Drugs & Alternatives to Antibiotics for Food Animals*
December 2015Stewardship of medically-important antimicrobial drug use in food animals
November 20152015 Farmer Cooperatives Conference
September 2015Economics of Soil Health
March 2015Agricultural Productivity and the Environment
November 20142014 Farmer Cooperatives Conference
May 2014Advancing Global Food Secruity in the Face of Weather Volatility and Climate Change
November 201316th Annual Farmer Cooperatives Conference
October 20132013 Global Agricultural Productivity Report
October 2013Public Policies, Research and the Economics of Herbicide Resistance Management
September 20132013 North American Agricultural Safety Summit
August 2013Agricultural Markets for Ecosystem Services: Greenhouse Gases, Conservation Practice Adoption & Behavioral Responses
July 20132013-14 Farm Bill Reading Room
July 2013Perspectives on the 2013 Farm Bill
March 2013Solutions From the Land
October 20122012 Global Agricultural Productivity Report®
September 2012Emerging Issues in Global Animal Product Trade
September 20122012 Presidential Forum on Agriculture
July 2012Future of Foreign-Born Labor in U.S. Agriculture
April 2012Providing Environmental Services from Agriculture
March 2012Renewable Energy Education Field Days -- Anaerobic Digester Webinars
January 2012Carbon Market Design: Issues + Opportunties
July 2011What's Driving Food Prices in 2011?

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