Human Capital

The nation’s public and private decision makers who seek input from diverse stakeholders as they consider options for addressing specific issues—especially those in the food and agriculture sectors. Farm Foundation generates opportunities for decision-makers to hear new perspectives, assess proposed solutions and understand the consequences of varied options.

The complexity of today’s food and agriculture sectors requires a workforce knowledgeable in topics ranging from agronomics and mechanics, to trade policy, finance and evolving technologies. Building tomorrow’s agricultural labor force is critical to the sector’s future—whether it be manpower for the front office, or people to harvest a crop in a field.

Immigration policies are critical to provide agriculture with a predictable labor force when that labor is needed.Contributing to the acute labor shortages in food and agriculture are the seasonality of work, the characteristics and transitory nature of these labor needs, the lack of a consistent guest worker program and the strict requirements for existing programs. Farm Foundation has a role in bringing together diverse views to identify workable policy options to address this critical need.

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