Global Biofuel Developments – 2007

Global Biofuel Developments: Modeling the Effects on Agriculture

Sponsored by Farm Foundation and USDA’s Economic Research Service
February 27, 2007

Margriet Caswell, USDA Economic Research Service
Steve Halbrook, Farm Foundation

Session I: Global Overview of Energy and Agriculture
Interaction of Energy and Agriculture: Policies, Markets, and Players
David Zilberman, University of California, Berkeley

Session II: U.S. Ethanol
U.S. Ethanol Issues and Developments
Paul Westcott, USDA Economic Research Service

Session III. The Rest of the World: National Models
Modeling Brazil’s Sugar-Ethanol Complex
Dr. Heloisa Lee Burnquist, Sao Paolo University

EU Biodiesel Policy and Effects on Production and Trade: First Modeling Results with ESIM and GTAP
Martin Banse, LEI

Modeling Biofuel Programs in China and Japan
Dr. Tatsuji Koizumi, MinAg Japan

Session IV. Policy and Cellulosic Technolgy Impact on Modeling Biofuels in the United States
Cellulosic Biomass and Bioenergy: Some Economic and Analytic Issues
Aziz Elbehri, USDA Economic Research Service

Biofuels Modeling with POLYSIS: Methodology and Illustrations
Chad Hellwinckel, University of Tennessee

Broin Integrated Corn-Cellulose Biorefinery
Mark Stowers, Broin Companies

Implications of Technology Advances for the Biofuels Industry
Gary Lemme, South Dakota State University

Session V. Global Models
Global Modeling Issues in the Energy/Agriculture Relationship
Martin Von Lampe, OECD

The CARD Ethanol Model
Amani Elobeid and Simla Tokguz, Iowa State University

PEATSIM and the USDA Baseline: Rest of the World

Richard Stillman, USDA Economic Research Service

Session VI. Workshop Discussion and Summary
David Zilberman, University of California, Davis

The following related presentations were given at the USDA Agricultural Outlook Forum, March 2007
EU Biofuels Policy and Effects on Production, Consumption and Land Use for Energy Crops
Hikka Summa, European Commission

Biofuels Polices in Asia: Trade Effects on World Agricultural and Biofuels Trade
Keiji Ohga, Nihon University, Japan, and Tatsuji Koizumi, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan

Brazil: A Pioneer in Biofuels
Angelo Bressan and Elisio Contini, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, Brazil


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