Energy in Agriculture: Managing the Risk

Energy-related risk management tools and the role of energy production/use strategies in risk management for production agriculture and the food system were examined at a June 27-28, 2006, conference at the Hilton Kansas City Airport, Kansas City.  The conference was sponsored by USDA’s Risk Management Agency, USDA’s Office of Energy Policy and New Uses and Farm Foundation.  Identification of new non-insurance risk management tools related to energy production and use was another goal of the conference.

The high cost of oil and natural gas, combined with the growing public and private interest in renewable energy, is raising new risk management issues.   Farmers and ranchers, particularly limited resource farmers, have been hard hit by rapidly rising and volatile energy prices.  Prices of nitrogen fertilizer and other petroleum and/or natural gas based inputs have risen rapidly.  Some farmers are using traditional risk management tools to deal with these new sources of risk.

The program below includes links to speaker presentations.

Managing the Energy Risk in Agriculture
Keith Collins, Chief Economist, USDA
Economics of Energy Production in Agriculture
Vernon Eidman, University of Minnesota
Paper and  Presentation
U.S. Agriculture: A Major Player in the U.S. Energy Scene
David Bransby, Auburn University
A Broader Look at Risk Management
Nick Piggott, North Carolina State University
Markets and Risk Management Strategies
Kim Anderson, Oklahoma State University
Overview of Emerging Technologies
Phillip Badger, General Bioenergy Inc.
Energy Success Stories
Ethanol Plant

Bill Pracht, East Kansas Agri-EnergyMethane Digester
Robert Foster, Vermont dairy farmerVehicles Powered by Cellulosic Materials
Wayne Keith, Alabama farmer/logger
Marketing Success Stories
Risk Management Strategies

David Spears, Agriculture Solutions Inc.Ethanol Marketing for Cooperative Plants
Steve Bleyl, Renewable Products Marketing Group

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