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New Developments in U.S. Land Use Data Collection and Analysis: Implications for Agriculture and Rural Land

New Developments in U.S. Land-Use Data Collection & Analysis: Implications for Agriculture and Rural Land
Oct. 16-17, 2007

A collaboration of Farm Foundation and USDA Economic Research Service, this workshop was designed to increase awareness of new developments in land-use data collection as it applies to agriculture and rural land, examine opportunities and challenges for land-use modeling and other analyses, and identify priorities for future data collection and research work. An  executive summary has a prepared.

The October 2007 workshop was one of three examining relationships between agricultural production and resource and environmental quality, to broaden understanding of the economic, environmental and distributional impacts of agri-environmental programs. Other workshops focused on indicators of the effectiveness of domestic agri-environmental policy and international agri-environmental indicators compatiable across countries.

Tuesday, October 16
Workshop Objectives
Mary Bohman, USDA Economic Research Service

Workshop Objectives  
 Ruben Lubowski, Shawn Bucholtz and Vince Breneman, USDA Economic Research Service

Land Use Data and Agriculture
ERS Land Use Data for Policy Analysis: Past, Present and Future
 Ralph Heimlich, Agricultural Conservation Economics

 Satellite Imagery at USDA
 Glenn Bethel, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service

Session 1: Survey-Based Land-Use Inventories
Analysing Changes in Agri-Environmental Conditions Using the National Resources Inventory (NRI/CEAP)
 Jeffrey Goebel, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Forest Inventory and Analysis
 Brad Smith, USDA Forest Service

Luncheon Speaker:
Seeing the Elephant: Multi-Disciplinary Measures of Urban Sprawl
 Gerrit Knaap, National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education, University of Maryland

Session 2: Research Presentations I—Survey-Based Data
Modeling the Spatial Distribution of Land Uses with National Resources Inventory Data
 Andrew Plantinga, Oregon State University

Forestry Inventory and Analysis Research
David Wear, USDA Forest Service

Session 3: Administrative Data
FWS Wetlands Database and Wetlands Status and Trends
 Mitch Bergeson, U.S. Geological Service

Common Land Unit
Ted Payne, USDA Farm Service Agency

Wednesday, October 17
Session 4: Research Presentations II—Administrative Data

Profiling Expiring CRP Acres Through the Use of the Common Land Unit Database
 Shawn Bucholtz, USDA Economic Research Service

Session 5: Remote-Sensed Data
Land Cover Mapping Activites at the U.S. Geological Survey
Jonathan Smith, U.S. Geological Survey

The 2007 Cropland Data Layer
 David Johnson, USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service

Session 6: Research Presentations III—Remote Sensed Data
Modeling Land Use with USGA Data
 Terry Sohl, U.S. Geological Service

Cropland Data Layer Use in Forecasting Crop Production and Harvest
George Muehlbach, Deere & Company

Luncheon Speaker:
Satellite Views of Urbanization, Net Primary Production and Human Demand for Food and Fiber--Can the Earth Keep Up?
 Marc Imhoff, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA

Session 7: Modeling Environmental Impacts of Land Use
Protecting Watershed Ecosystems Through Targeted Local Land Use Policies
 JunJie Wu, Oregon State University

Development and Application of a Regional and Local Land Cover for Evaluating Bird Habitat and Conservation Impacts
 Megan McLachlan, Playa Lakes Joint Venture, and
Ryan Reker, Rainwater Basin Joint Venture

Session 8: Land Use and Bioenergy Potential
Spatial Contours of Potential Biomass Crop Production and Competitive Land-Use Threats
 Frank Howell, Mississippi State University

Wrap-Up Panel: Next Steps for Land-Use Data Collection and Modeling
Kathleen Bell, University of Maine
Glenn Bethel, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
Ralph Heimlich, Agricultural Conservation Economics






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