Iowa Farm Family Wellness Alliance

Farming is one of the toughest and most rewarding jobs on the planet—and its ups and downs can affect the whole family. Following the challenges presented by the derecho storm of August 2020, Farm Foundation and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, along with other supporters, have formed the Iowa Farm Family Wellness Alliance to bring Iowa families even more resources for free, confidential support from skilled professionals who can help with a wide range of life events.

The Iowa Farm Family Wellness Alliance builds upon the assistance Iowa State Extension and Outreach has provided for 35 years by making a broader suite of solutions available to farm families across Iowa. Now you can access ongoing, personal coaching and counseling at no cost to your farm family.

Free for Iowa Farm Families: Personal Assistance Services

The Iowa Farm Family Wellness Alliance is pleased to provide pre-paid, ongoing wellness coaching and counseling services through PAS, a trusted provider with experience helping thousands of people address challenges and strengthen resilience. Farm Foundation obtained funding to create a partnership to make these services available to Iowa farm families free of charge.

Access services and resources via phone, text, live chat, video or app—whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. Get in touch and get started 24/7: call 1-833-999-FARM (3276) or click here to live chat and access wellness app downloads and other resources.

PAS provides confidential services from professionals who can help farm families address life’s questions. Specializing in ongoing coaching and counseling, PAS professionals include:

  • Master’s level licensed counselors
  • Registered & licensed dietitians
  • Elder & child care specialists
  • Certified child development & parenting professionals
  • Health & fitness coaches

  • Tobacco cessation coaches
  • Organization & time management specialists
  • Education, career & retirement coaches
  • Life coaches
  • Attorneys & certified financial counselors

Get access to mobile apps for ongoing, on-the-go resources and support, plus downloadable resources, financial tools, legal forms and more through the PAS website. Live chat with a PAS professional or call 1-833-999-FARM (3276) for direct support.

A Trusted Resource Since 1985: Iowa Concern

A resource of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, Iowa Concern has served Iowa farm families since 1985. Today, Iowa Concern is available to all Iowans in need of education and referral services related to stress, financial concerns, legal rights, and disaster recovery. Phone support is available all hours, all days: 1-800-447-1985. Live chat, text, and email messages are answered 8am-8pm, Monday through Friday.

PAS services are available free of charge to farm families throughout Iowa. Iowa Concern is available to all Iowans, regardless of profession.

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