Harrison Clark

Harrison Clark is pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Tennessee. He has completed six economic papers, three under the guidance of Benjamin Compton, senior lecturer and assistant department head of the Economics Department, studying the implications of Tennessee state government policies and the effect of value-adding components on the price of a marketable good with a special focus on the state of a county in Tennessee.

Within the first six months of his master’s program, Harrison developed two independently created research proposals that have been accepted by the Southern Agricultural Economics Association and has been invited to present at the 2023 annual meeting. He has begun working on his thesis, analyzing online grocery store marketplaces and their potential impacts on health, income, and welfare through studying the behavior of existing consumers in these marketplaces.

In the future, Harrison hopes to become involved in the development, analysis, and implementation of federal, state, and local public policy. He wishes to develop non-profit corporations designed to be managed by members of the target communities of the corporations; developing rapid responding, long-lasting, well informed, and empirically led non-profit corporations.