Trista Danos

Trista Danos is a senior food safety analyst on the Whole Foods Market’s Retail Food Safety team, covering the Louisiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Kansas Metro. Starting her role at Whole Foods Market in 2020, you can find Trista traveling to her stores, teaching food safety to her fellow team members to help “ensure we sell the safest, highest quality food.” Because of her experience in meat and seafood processes, Trista also works with these two regional product teams, collaborating on ways to make even better food safety programs for the Southwest and Midwest regions. She also leads the food safety culture team to create visuals, trainings, and events to make food safety education fun on a global level.

Before joining Whole Foods Market, she fell in love with food safety and consumer outreach as she gained her Bachelor of Science in food science and technology. During her college career at Louisiana State University, she served on Les Voyageurs, a team dedicated to promoting agriculture and agriculture education to Louisiana high school students and the bigger community.