Alicia del Aguila

Alicia del Aguila, born in Lima, Peru, moved to the United States in 2000. She devoted many years to developing as a visual artist. She learned drawing, pottery, painting, coloring, printmaking, and sculpture, but most importantly she learned to observe.

After receiving her Associate in Arts, Alicia changed her career path as she began to take interest in nutrition, farming,
waterways, biodiversity, soil health, mental health and psychology, yoga, environmental issues, and the like. It was after meeting someone at a permaculture certificate apprenticeship in 2013 that she claimed the opportunity to begin developing a 10-acre organic farm.

Three years later, Alicia and her partner (now spouse) branched out and began Aloha Redland
Farm. Aloha Redland farm is a women-owned holistic farm that implements organic practices,
permaculture practices, and regenerative practices to feed the local community. The farm grows
seasonal produce and provides CSA membership to 65 members. The women at Aloha Redland
keep close ties with their CSA members as they accentuate nature, nutrition and the arts for
their community.