Agriculture & Food Policy Systems Information Workshop 2000

Trade Liberalization Under NAFTA: Report Card on Agriculture

(2000) San Diego, California, USA



The Sixth Agricultural and Food Policy Information Workshop was Feb. 16-19, 2000, in San Diego, California. This workshop assessed how well NAFTA objectives have been achieved as they relate to the agri-food sector, and what does this conclusion say about future agreements.

The workshop organizers wish to thank the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University, Canadian Agri-Food Trade Research Network (University of Guelph – University of Saskatchewan – Laval University), Cargill, Ltd., El Colegio de México (PRECESAM/Ford & Hewlett Foundations), Farm Foundation, Royal Bank of Canada, SAGAR, United States Department of Agriculture (AMS, ERS, FAS) for generously providing funding for this workshop and the dissemination of its proceedings.

Trade Liberalization Under NAFTA: Report Card on Agriculture. R.M.A. Loyns, Karl Meilke, Ronald D. Knutson and Antonio Yunez-Naude, eds. Proceedings of the Sixth Agricultural and Food Policy Systems Information Workshop. Winnipeg, Canada: Friesen Printers, January 2001.

Executive Summary –edited by R.M.A. Loyns, Ronald D. Knutson, Karl Meilke and Antonio Yunez-Naude

Section 1: Developments in Trade and Trade Flows

“Agricultural Trade Liberalization Under NAFTA: The Negotiation Process” –M.N. Gifford

“North American Agricultural Trade During 1975-98: A Background Paper on Trade Flows” –Steven Zahniser and Mark J. Gehlhar

“A Canadian Perspective on North American Agricultural Trade Flows (1988-1998)” –Brian Rattray

“A Global Perspective on Regional Integration in North America” –Thomas W. Hertel

Discussion –ConAgra Foods–Richard L. Gady
Discussion — Implications of the NAFTA for the North American Food Industry–John Schildroth

Section 2: Policy Developments Since NAFTA

“Policy Developments in the United States Agriculture Since 1986” –Edwin Young, Frederick Nelson, Praveen Dixit and Neilson Conklin

“Policy Developments in Mexican Agriculture Since 1986” –Andres Rosenszweig Pichardo

“Policy Developments in Canadian Agriculture Since 1986” –Jack Gellner

Discussion –Policy Developments in Canadian Agriculture Since 1986 –Michele Veeman

General Discussion

Section 3: Case Study Review of Disputes

“NAFTA Trade Dispute Resolution: What are the Mechanisms?” –Renee A. Schwartz, Mary E. Burfisher, and Terry Norman

“Wheat Disputes Under NAFTA “ –Julian M. Alston, Richard S. Gray, and Daniel A. Sumne

Discussion –Kansas Wheat Producer–Alan E. States

Discussion –Manitoba Grain and Livestock Farmer –Owen MacAuley
Discussion –Montana Grain Growers Association –Herb Karst

“What Have We Learned From Cattle/Beef Disputes” –R.M.A. Loyns, Linda Young, and Colin Carte

Discussion –Canadian Cattlemen’s Association–Dennis Laycraft

Discussion –National Cattlemen’s Beef Association — Chuck Lambert

“Trade Liberalization Under NAFTA: Trade in Avocados” –Maury E. Bredahl

General Discussion

Section 4: Case Study Review of Disputes II

“Disputes in Sugar and Agricultural-Based Sweeteners” –P. Lynn Kennedy and Daniel Petrolia

Discussion –Sparks Companies, Inc.–James S. Sullivan

“Dairy Disputes in North America: A Case Study” –Thomas L. Cox and Danny G. Leroy

Discussion –National Dairy Council of Canada–Kempton Matte

Section 5: What Have We Learned?

“States/Provinces Dialogue on Agricultural Trade and Policy Issues” –Nithi Govindasami

Discussion –Montana Grain Growers Association–Herb Karst

“Trade Liberalization Under NAFTA: Where from Here?” –Karl D. Meilke and Karen Huff

“Looking to the Future: Conflict Avoidance and Resolution in NAFTA’s Agricultural Trade” –Linda M. Young

“Agricultural Trade Liberalization Under NAFTA: Reporting on the Report Card” –Gary Fairchild and Pierre Aubin

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