Congressional Staff Farm Bill Workshops

Farm Foundation continues its long-standing relationship with the Congressional Research Service to help to educate congressional staffers on the range of issues and options likely to be dealt with in the next farm bill.

The first in a new series of educational programs for congressional staff on farm bill issues took place Feb. 26, 2001, at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.   Approximately 70 staffers from House and Senate member and committee offices attended the day-long program conducted by leading economists and journalists from academia, government agencies and the business community.

These programs are designed to help congressional staff advise and assist their members in deliberations over the next farm bill, and to acquaint many new staffers with the complexities of the issues before the Congress. They are particularly important because of the high level of turnover in congressional staff and members of congress and the many members from non-farm congressional districts who will be voting on this important legislation. Although several high level professional staff from the House and Senate Agriculture Committees attended the first session, most indicated that this was their first experience with a farm bill

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