Transition to a Bioeconomy: Integration of Agricultural & Energy Systems, 2008

Transition to a Bioeconomy: Integration of Agricultural and Energy Systems

This was the first conference in the Transition to a Bioeconomy series.  Participants examined the impacts of a bioeconomy on farming systems, cropping patterns, by- and co-product markets and animal agriculture. Also discussed were the farming and energy systems that will be needed to support the cellulosic industry when that technology becomes commercially viable.

conference proceedings is available.  The conference, which was Feb. 12-13, 2008, in Atlanta, Ga., was a collaboration of Farm Foundation, USDA Office of Energy Policy and New Uses and USDA Economic Research Service.

The Bioeconomy – Today & Tomorrow
An Overview of the Bioeconomy

Jim Fischer, USDA Research, Education & Economics

Policy Options for Integrated Energy & Agricultural Markets
Wallace E. Tyner, Purdue University

Possibilities for the Bioeconomy
Hans Blaschek, Center for Advanced BioEnergy Research

Technical & Market Potential for Byproducts & Coproducts
Use of Distillers Byproducts & Corn Stover as Fuels for Ethanol Plants
Doug Tiffany, University of Minnesota

Biodiesel, Glycerin & Other Co-Products
Joe Bozell, University of Tennessee

The Potential of the Biorefinery
Larry Russo, U.S. Department of Energy

Noon Luncheon
The Evolution of Biofuels
Cynthia Bryant, Novozymes North America, Inc.

Selected Paper Session I
Feasibility of On-Farm or Small Scale Oilseed Processing & Biodiesel Production
Phil Kenkel and Randy Holcomb

Economic Value of Ethanol Byproducts in Swine Diets: Evaluating Profitability of Corn Fractionation Techniques
Bhawna Bista, Todd Hubbs, Brian T. Richert, Wallace E. Tyner, and Paul V. Preckel

Value Maximization from Corn Fractionation: Feed, Greenhouse Gas Reductions, & Cointegration of Ethanol &
Mindy L. Baker & Bruce A. Babcock

Economic Analysis of Farm-Level Supply of Biomass Feedstocks for Energy Production Under Alternative Contract Scenarios & Risk
Jim Larson, Burton C. English & Lixia Lambert

Selected Paper Session II
An Evaluation of Impacts that Might Occur as the Role of Biofuels in America Expands
Burton C. English, Daniel De La Torre Ugarte and Jamey Menard

Estimating and Comparing Alternative Ethanol Processes & Feedstock Choices
Brian J. Frosch, Roland J. Fumasi, Brian K. Herbst, James W. Richardson and Joe L. Outlaw

Viability of Cellulosic Feedstock Production from Producer to Biorefinery

Roland J. Fumasi, Greg Daase, Steven L. Klose, James Richardson & Joe Outlaw

Millions of Acres for Dedicated Energy Crops: Farms, Ranches or Plantations?
Francis Epplin

Implications for Animal Agriculture
Chair: Charles Stenholm, Olsson, Frank & Weeda
Beef – Gregg Doud, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
Dairy Mary Ledman, Keough-Ledman Associates
PoultryDan Smalley, Red Hill Farms
PorkJohn Hardin, Hardin Farms

Challenges & Opportunities of the Next Decade
A Biofuels Perspective
Greg Krissek, ICM, Inc.

An Agricultural Perspective
Jay Armstrong, Armstrong Farms

What We Know and What We Need to Know
John Miranowski, Iowa State University

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