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1998 Clackamas, OR - Presentations

1998 National Public Policy Education Conference

The 1998 National Public Policy Education Conference was held September 21-23, 1998 in Clackamas, Oregon. To capture the pertinence of the presented papers, they are being posted to this website as they were received. As they are edited and prepared for publication, they will be updated on this page. If you have any questions or comments, please contact David P. Ernstes at Texas A&M University.

These papers are in PDF format. Click here to download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader
Consequences of Devolution

 "Family Policy in the Era of Devolution"--Clara Pratt, Oregon State University

"The Impact of Welfare Reform on Local Communities - Case Studies"--Wendell Primus, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Panel on Local Impacts of Welfare Reform
Accountability of Extension in a Devolution Context

 "Setting the Stage - A Brief History of Accountability in Extension"--Fred Woods, CSREES/USDA

Panel on Extension Accountability

"Overview of the Economic Impacts of Gambling"--William R. Eadington, University of Nevada-Reno

"Issues and Impacts of Gaming in Indian Country - A Regulatory Perspective"--Tadd Johnson, Chairman, National Indian Gaming Commission

"Issues and Impacts of Gaming in Indian Country - An Advocacy Perspective"--Jacob Coin, National Indian Gaming Association

Land Use Conflicts on the Rural-Urban Interface

 "A National Perspective on Land Use Policy Alternatives and Consequences at the Rural-Urban Fringe"--Robert Burchell, Rutgers University

 "Balancing the Right to Farm with the Rights of Others"--Janie Hipp, University of Arkansas/National Agricultural Law Center
 "Transfer of Development Rights, Agricultural Preservation and Other Land Use Policy Tools: The Pennsylvania Experience"--Tom Daniels, State University of New York-Albany

"Urban Growth Boundaries and Other Land Use Policy Tools: The Oregon Experience"--John Fregonese, Private Consultant and Former Growth Management Manager, METRO, Portland

Agricultural International Trade

 "An Overview of Agricultural Trade and Trade Policy in the 1990's: Trends and Issues"--Parr Rosson, Texas A&M University

 "Agricultural Trade Liberalization - Impacts on Producers"--Des O'Rourke, Washington State University

 "Agricultural Trade Liberalization - Impacts on Consumers"--Jean Kinsey, University of Minnesota

Food Safety Policy and Issues

"Insidence and Causes of Food Poisoning"--William E. Keene, Oregon Health Division
 "Economics of Food Safety"--Stephen R. Crutchfield, USDA/ERS
 "Industry Approaches to Food Safety Regulation"--James Hodges, American Meat Institute

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