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A. L. “Roy” Frederick (2000)

A. L. “Roy” Frederickis respected as a distinguished policy educator for both his knowledge of the subject and his ability to convey complex issues to the public. Since the 1970s, Roy has worked with a wide range of citizens interests, policymakers and organizations. He has been a key advisor to Nebraska’s Governors, Members of Congress, and various organizations on agriculture and trade issues. He is regularly asked to testify on legislative issues and provide briefings to policymakers. He has conducted statewide policy education programs on Nebraska ballot initiatives and constitutional amendments. He has worked with state and local policymakers and interests on tax policy and government finance issues. He has worked with local school districts and citizen leaders on school consolidation issues. Roy has served on the North Central and National Public Policy Education Committees and has played an instrumental leadership role in Nebraska’s efforts to extend the principles of policy education to colleagues and field staff. A recent endeavor targeted to local extension staff was called “Navigating Your Political Landscape.” The impacts of Roy’s programs are widely recognized for their contributions to the understanding of public issues in Nebraska. His efforts throughout his professional career reflect a devotion to quality, timeliness, and relevance.




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