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Dana and Edith Bennett

Charles Dana Bennett (1903-1987) worked as a team with his wife, Edith Thoman Bennett. In concert with farm organizations and agribusiness friends, they organized the Foundation for American Agriculture in 1945.  Its stated purposes were to inform the public about agribusiness, conduct research, publish articles by persons prominent in agribusiness, increase understanding in rural and urban America about the role played by agribusiness and avail itself of all recognized media for the dissemination of its educational programs. The Foundation formed the National Farm-City Council to sponsor Farm-City Week. Dana and Edith also created the Farm Film Foundation to distribute educational motion pictures to vocational agricultural departments and other farm groups.

Dana Bennett

Dana Bennett was a catalyst who brought people together for discussions of their mutual interests--people who might not have known they needed to get together. He assembled today's and tomorrow's leaders in agriculture, agribusiness, government, academia, communications and related fields. The cross-pollination of ideas and attitudes frequently yielded agricultural policy alternatives that represented new concepts, artful compromises, and bold new experiments that might not have developed without the principal decision makers being on a trusting first name basis.

Dana had a knack for attracting achievers who made things happen. They often grew into major corporate roles, government service roles including secretaries and assistant secretaries of agriculture, farm organization heads, agricultural school deans and numerous other leadership positions.

Earl Butz (left) and Dana Bennett (right) 1974

The Foundation for American Agriculture merged with the Farm Foundation in 1974. The Round Table brings together key agriculturalists at semi-annual seminars to discuss current and developing issues. The programs are designed to provide ideas and a learning experience that participants may use in any way they find productive.





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