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Farmer Cooperatives 2001: Positioning for Performance



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Farmer Cooperatives 2001: Positioning for Performance

December 10, 2001 (Chicago) The first Farmer Cooperatives conference (1998), organized by the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, was designed to serve as a catalyst for invigorated thinking about the future of farmer cooperatives. Speakers assessed the powerful forces associated with an increasing globalization and industrialization of agriculture and the approaches farmer cooperatives should embrace to realize their full potential. The 1999 conference focused on excellence in governance. The objective was to help cooperative leaders identify governance systems and approaches to fit their cooperative's changing business. Building financial strength was the theme for the 2000 conference. Presented and discussed were innovative approaches to capital budgeting, debt and equity financing, equity management, financing joint ventures, international financing and the changing role of the audit committee.

The 2001 conference built upon these previous conferences by focusing on how farmer cooperatives position themselves for success in the 21st century. The program began with an in-depth look at the major trends in the domestic and international business environment of the entire food system from farm inputs to the consumer food products and opportunities for cooperatives in this environment. This was followed by a closer look at the effectiveness of the existing cooperative business structures, adjusting to meet the diverse needs and demands of the farmer-member-customer and the customers of ingredient and food products, and the ways of capturing the competitive business advantage of farmer cooperatives.

Farmer Cooperatives 2001: Positioning for Performance was at the Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev, October 29-30, 2001. It was sponsored by University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives; Cenex Harvest States Foundation; Farm Foundation; and The Cooperative Foundation. A conference summary is available  here. Please visit the conference website for more information.

Farm Foundation is a proud sponsor of all four Farmer Cooperative conferences.




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