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Iowa’s Pork Industry - Dollars and Scents (1998)

Bruce Babcock, C. Phillip Baumel, Mike Duffy, Mark Edelman, Neil Harl, Marvin Hayenga, Dermot Hayes, Joe Herriges, Wallace Huffman, James Kliebenstein, Cathy Kling, John Lawrence, Kelvin Leibold, John Miranowski, Peter Orazem, Dan Otto, John Schroeter, Susan Thompson and Erda Wang.

Iowa has been the nation’s leading hog-producing state for more than 100 years. In recent years, the number of Iowa farms with hogs has been declining while new large-scale hog operations are being established. These facilities have generated much debate and have tended to polarize rural communities. This project consisted of several elements—new research was conducted, a book was published, a statewide conference was held and a comprehensive follow-up effort has been undertaken to reach new people concerning developments in Iowa’s pork industry.




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