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J. Paxton Marshall (1996)

Paxton Marshall always operates on the frontier of public policy analysis and education. The Commonwealth of Virginia was his classroom for almost thirty years. Marshall joined the Southern Extension Public Affairs Committee (SEPAC) in 1967, when he became a faculty member at Virginia Tech. He served SEPAC as secretary, vice chairman and chairman during his twenty-two years of service. He stepped aside from his committee assignment in 1989 to allow another faculty member to take his place. He served on the National Public Policy Education Committee in the 1970s. Marshall was always willing to take risks. He conducted policy education programs on such topics as land use, justice, racial integration and environmental quality long before they were fashionable or "safe." He has written more than 275 articles, proceedings, reports and bulletins. He was awarded grants and contracts in excess of $1.3 million during a time when Extension economists tended to rely exclusively on formula funds to support their programs. Marshall's education efforts were crucial to passage of the 1970 Virginia constitutional referendum, to the establishment of the Virginia Rural Leadership Development Program and to the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. In recent years, his professional efforts have focused on the economic problems of the tobacco industry.




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