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Local Taxes in Our Community: Understanding Tax Reform in Pennsylvania (2000)

Timothy W. Kelsey, Pennsylvania State University

This public policy education project commenced in 1997 as the Pennsylvania legislature started a process of creating new local tax policy alternatives. The first segment of this educational program included materials and presentations designed to help voters understand the proposed state constitutional amendment concerning property tax homestead exclusions and the potential implications for state and local tax policy. The second segment included materials, presentations, and regional in-service training sessions designed to help extension agents and citizens understand the subsequent 1998 legislation that outlined the specific tax policy options available to school districts and other local governments concerning the proposed Homestead/Farmstead exclusions. The third initiative was to provide detailed district specific study materials for all school districts so they could calculate whether to place the tax reform issue before their respective local school district electorates. The final initiative included CD-ROM with data, a teachers manual, a publication series, video, and in-service training programs for extension agents to help Local Tax Study Commissions and informal tax study groups to better understand local taxation in their own community and to help them examine the impacts of the various alternatives authorized under the 1998 legislation.




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