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Neil Meyer (2001)

Neil Meyeris recognized for his 28-year career as a leader in public policy education within Idaho, the western region, and the nation. He is noted for both his subject knowledge and his ability to convey complex issues to the public. The American and Western Agricultural Economics Associations have honored him several times for programs like "Coping With The Impacts of Growth" and "P4... Painting a Picture of the Public Purse: Impacts of Idaho's 1% Initiative." Over the past 10 years, Meyer has presented over 40 presentations annually to various groups in Idaho. In the past five years, he has made at least two presentations annually to legislative committees. Meyerl has contributed to the professional development of many extension educators by organizing, co-organizing, and instructing at various workshops including six NPPEC pre-conference workshops, "Surviving Controversial Issues." For the 1994 NPPEC in Boise, Meyerl initiated a pre-conference tour to show participants Public Issues Education at work, a concept continued at subsequent conferences. Meyer chaired and hosted the National Public Policy Education Conference in 1994 and has served actively on the western region committee since 1980.




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