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PREISM Workshop 2004

Review and Workshop
Program of Research on the
Economics of Invasive Species Management

Washington , DC August 19-20, 2004

This workshop reviewed the progress of research funded by the Economic Research Service's Program of Reseach on the Economics of Invasive Species Management. Participants provided ideas for strengthening those projects and set an agenda for future action. Many of the research issues were identified in a May 2003 workshop on the economic issues of invasive species in agriculture. Both workshops were a collaboration of USDA's Economic Research Service and Farm Foundation.

August 19, 2004
Opening remarks
Utpal Vasavada, Resource Economics Division, ERS
Neilson Conklin, Market and Trade Economics Division, ERS
Walter J. Armbruster, Farm Foundation

Keynote Address
 Globalization and Invasive Species: Economic Insights from Theoretical Ecology
Charles Perrings, University of York, York, England

Policy/Impacts, Session I
Moderator: George Frisvold, University of Arizona

 Biology and Economics of Invasive Species: Spatial and Temporal Interactions
Colin Carter, University of California-Davis
Feasibility of Indemnifications and Checkoff-Funded Programs To Manage Invasive Species Risks in Agriculture

Nick Piggott , North Carolina State University

Randomly Introduced Biological Invasions: The Economics of Prevention and Control
Lars Olson, University of Maryland

Ramanan Laxminarayan
, Resources for the Future
Clare Narrod, ORACBA/USDA

Policy/Impacts, Session II
Moderator: Lynn Garrett, APHIS/USDA

 Comparing Cost, Risk and Benefit Tradeoffs Under Uncertainty: Cheatgrass Case Study
Lisa Wainger, University of Maryland

 Design of Systems Approaches to Invasive Pest Management
Everett Peterson, Virginia Tech

 Assurance Bonds as a Tool To Manage Risks Associated With Intentional Releases of Exotic Species
Michael Thomas, Florida A&M University

 Estimating Supply, Demand, Import and Export Elasticities for Horticultural Crops
Gary Thompson, University of Arizona

Rachael Goodhue, University of California-Davis
Chris Klocek, APHIS/USDA

Moderator: Ann Seitzinger






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