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Pacific Food Outlook 2001-2002

The annual Pacific Food Outlook focused on meeting the challenge of water scarcity. The Outlook report identified six of the 25 Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) region’s economies, including the U.S., Mexico, Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei and China as facing water scarcity problems due to increasing demand outstripping growth in available supplies. Agriculture takes about two-thirds of the water used in the PECC region, and must compete with the fast pace of economic growth and urbanization in the region. There is a critical role for water resource management in the region’s food system, a key element of which is increasing production agriculture’s irrigation efficiency.

The Pacific Food System Outlook 2001-2002 concluded by recommending that the emerging risk of water shortages for food production be addressed by immediate policy action, rather than waiting for serious problems to develop. This October 2001 publication was the fifth in a series of annual reports on the agricultural outlook of the Pacific Region. It was prepared by PECC Food and Agriculture Forum with the support of Farm Foundation. Click  here to view a copy online.

An article about this report was featured in the November 2001 Agricultural Outlook. It may be viewed online at

A comprehensive assessment of the region's food system is available online at

Pacific Economic Cooperation Council. Pacific Food Outlook, 2001-2002. Singapore: Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, October 2001.

For more information on the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council visit their website at






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