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Southern Agricultural Economics Association Lifetime Achievement Awards -- Lessons Learned

Each year, the Southern Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA) awards Lifetime Achievement Awards to three to five outstanding professionals at or near the end of their careers. In 2000, the Association initiated a symposium at its annual meeting for the honorees to present their personal lessons, observations and challenges to the profession. The symposium was repeated at the 2001 meetings.

In an effort to share these "lessons learned" with a broad cross-section of the agricultural economics profession, Farm Foundation provided support for their publication in the Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. These lessons are also available below:

"Perspectives From New Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients" 

 What Learned Relevant for Profession Now and in Future (or random musings from an "old geezer") -- C. Richard Shumway

 Observations of a Lifetime Achievement Award Winner -- Harry P. Mapp

 Agriculutral Economics: Successes and Opportunities -- Ronald D. Lacewell

 Perspectives on Our Profession -- Gary F. Fairchild

 Agriculture's Seat at Big Policy Tables -- Garnett L. Bradford






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