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The 2002 Farm Bill: Policy Options and Consequences



The 2002 Farm Bill:
Policy Options and Consequences

Edited by Joe L. Outlaw and Edward G. Smith
Publication No. 2001-01.
Oak Brook, IL: Farm Foundation,
September 2001


This publication is a product of the National Public Policy Education Committee with the sponsorship of Farm Foundation and USDA's Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, Agricultural Marketing Service and Economic Research Service. Project coordination and production was provided by the Agricultural and Food Policy Center at Texas A&M University.

Printed copies of The 2002 Farm Bill: Policy Options and Consequences and CD-ROM's containing electronic versions of the leaflets are available from Farm Foundation. Contact Farm Foundation for more information. Copies of individual leaflets can be downloaded from this webpage and may be available from your state cooperative extension service.

   Download the entire document in PDF format (890 kb)

 Cover and Index

 Farm Policy Setting Overview -- Ronald D. Knutson, Texas A&M University

  •  Drivers of Change
    • David B. Schweikhardt, Michigan State University
    • Judith M. Whipple, Michigan State University
  •  Political Setting 
    • Ronald D. Knutson, Texas A&M University
    • David B. Schweikhardt, Michigan State University
    • Edward G. Smith, Texas A&M University
  •  Economic Setting Overall and by Commodity
    • Abner W. Womack, Texas A&M University
    • Seth Meyer, FAPRI - University of Missouri
    • Gary M. Adams, FAPRI - University of Missouri
    • D. Scott Brown, FAPRI - University of Missouri

 Farm Safety Net Policy Overview-- Joe L. Outlaw, Texas A&M University

 Commodity Titles Overview-- Hal M. Harris, Clemson University

  •  Sugar Policy 
    • P. Lynn Kennedy, Louisiana State University
  •  Peanut Policy
    • Stanley M. Fletcher, University of Georgia
    • Nathan B. Smith, University of Georgia
  •  Dairy Policy 
    • Robert A. Cropp, University of Wisconsin
    • Mark W. Stephenson, Cornell University
  •  Wool and Mohair Policy
    • David P. Anderson, Texas A&M University
  •  Tobacco Policy
    • A. Blake Brown, North Carolina State University
    • William M. Snell, University of Kentucky

 Food Policy Overview--Helen H. Jensen, Iowa State University

 Trade Policy Overview -- C. Parr Rosson, Texas A&M University

 Natural Resource Policy Overview -- Roy Carriker, University of Florida

 Agricultural Markets and Structure Policy Overview -- Steve A. Halbrook, Farm Foundation

 Rural Development and Human Capital Overview-- Lionel J. (Bo) Beaulieu, Southern Rural Development Center




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