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The Natural Resources Leadership Institute: Using Conflict Resolution in Public Issues Education on Controversial Environmental Issues (1998)

North Carolina State University and the University of Kentucky: Mary Lou Addor, Leon E. Danielson, Simon K. Garber, Edwin J. Jones, Michael P. Levi, L. Steven Smutko, Donald H. Graves, Craig L. Infanger and Jennifer A. Thompson.

The Natural Resources Leadership Institute is a training program administered through the Cooperative Extension Service at North Carolina State University and the University of Kentucky. The goal is to train people to work together to resolve environmental problems. Each year, the institute brings together a broad array of groups over the past generationincluding government regulators, resource managers, industry representatives, environmental advocates, educators and private land owners over the past generation for six three-day workshops focused on leadership, teamwork, communication, dispute resolution and collaborative problem solving. Institute graduates have been responsible for resolving numerous environmental conflicts at the local level.




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